English version : une traversée de paysages

A voyage through landscapes

My work can be defined as a collection of varied gestures, times and spaces.
The drawings and sculptures play and experiment with solids, voids, surfaces, light, containment, nervosity, bounderies between each space.
The void acts as a dynamic element, a hiatus which creates more space for memory and perception.
A memorised image, photographed, becomes a pictorial surface where there is interaction between free form (patch, blot, swarm, cloud and bound form (geometric shapes, angles, cut-outs, architecture).
Drawing occupies a central place in my art and is declined in different ways: painting, structure, bas relief, drawing.

The interest I attach to landscape stems from its perpetual evolution, from its dynamic interactions, and from elements which are in common with human evolution.
Walking in the coutryside or in urban suburbs fascinates me. One’s vision takes in a whole, a panorama, an atmosphere.
Disordered spaces
Organised one day, abandoned the next, renewed, busy.
There, where one walked yesterday, one no longer walks, there where one didn’t walk, one walks today.
It is therefore the perpetual evolution of spaces in motion, of vegetation, of construction, which constitutes the term “movement”.